Paithani Silk Saree, Banarasi Silk Saree, Handloom Silk Saree


Our history is dotted with many a tale of magic. In this land of folklore, we have many precious artefacts that have been unearthed to find a firm place in our history. Paithani silk is one such legacy that has flourished across the centuries and found its place in many weddings, draped across beautiful brides. 
Where Did Paithani Come From?  
This legacy of silk and zari was borne in the state of Maharashtra in a time centuries before modern civilization. The name pathani comes from its birthplace- Paithan, a town in Maharashtra. The silk that traces its origins back to such humble beginnings has become a cherished heirloom for most Maharashtrian women. 
It is a symbol of the state’s history; the love affair with Paithani began with the royals of the 18th century. Legend has it that the silk first captured the eye of the Peshwa royalty who ruled at the time. It is this empire that helped Paithani silk flourish and become a stronghold in the state. 

What is Paithani? 

Paithani sarees are made of a gorgeous combination of silk and zari. It is a saree with a completely individual weaving technique; all done by hand. There are no machines involved in this silk’s production. The sarees are crafted with care and expertise, infusing every inch of the silk and zari with the historic craft behind him. 

The sarees are of rich silk material; the finest of the lot. The sarees are characterized by unique and traditional motifs, along with the ornamental zari border work that lines Paithani sarees. The splendour of the saree comes from this intricate zari that forms the border and the pallu. 

The sarees are available in plain as well as detailed forms. It is the combination of simplicity and grandeur that makes the saree one of a kind. It is available in multiple colours and with a variety of traditional motifs that carry its history in it’s threads.

Another feature that makes Paithani sarees so beloved, is the fact that it holds the same stunning designs on both sides of the saree. This allows the saree to shimmer and glow in every wrap and turn. 

Bridal Ensemble 

The Paithani saree is a staple in most Maharashtrian weddings. The exquisite detail of the sarees makes it an obvious choice. The legacy in its threads makes it cherished. The handcrafted nature of the garment makes it treasured. The ease with which it frames a silhouette makes it comforting. It is in every way, the perfect garment for any bride on her 

special day. It is thus that most weddings in Maharashtra will see a bride in a luminous drape of the famed Paithani silk. 

The popularity of the saree among brides in Maharashtra is known to many and it is a tradition seen passed from mother to daughter as she readies for her big day. It carries the heritage of her homeland and also promises that she will be the most beautiful she has ever been; the silk bringing out her inner radiance. 

How is it Crafted? 

The saree, from inception to final execution, is touched only by expert hands. There are no machines or mechanics involved in the process at any point. 

The sarees are spun from pure silk while the zari is drawn from a source of pure gold. It is one of the most prized choices among the world of traditional handloom sarees because of this. The saree is formed with a plain weave that serves as base for the simplicity of the saree. The intricacy comes from the zari that is interlocked with the silk with the help of minute cloth pins that are delicately wielded by the artisans. The tapestry weaving technique is also a prominent part of the weaving process. 

The painstakingly long and detailed process that creates the Paithani sarees are one of the reasons for the sarees’ fame in the state and the world of handloom. A saree can take upto a few months to grow into the final gorgeous sheen of silk that we choose for ourselves. 

The Queen 

Paithani silk is referred to as the queen of silk sarees. This is because the silk found its place in many palaces, adorning the royalty of the time. It was a favoured choice for queens and princesses of the ancient era, who were responsible for casting the silk into the limelight. 

The regal glow of the sarees has sustained centuries after the royalty first chose it to encase their precious frames. Even today, Maharashtrian women channel the power and resilience of their ancestors through the threads of the Paithani silk. The gold and silver that links through the weaves makes it apparent to every beholder that it is a touch of royal calibre. 

Paithani silk has been spun for centuries now, for women in Maharashtra and the others who come in search for the famed material. It is a choice that is undeniable once the tale has been heard. From the first moment a woman’s eyes clap onto a stretch of that vibrant material, the hand cannot help but reach out and caress the soft folds. The material moulds to the frame that drapes it, encircling the silhouette with grace and power. 

It is not merely a piece of material or a wrap of simple efforts. It is a symbol of the time long gone and the heirloom passed down from the royals of the homeland who watch over us. It is more than silk; it is a path to our own royal grandeur. 

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