Our Story

The Beginning:

The name Kaasi derives from the Name Kashi; ancient name of Varanasi. Weaves denotes the oldest technique of cloth making on handlooms in Banaras. Altogether Kaasi Weaves defines the true essence of being banarasi, by banarasi and for banarasi.

Break The Ice:

There has always been a lot of confusion on how to identify an authentic Banarasi Handloom Silk Saree. Hence Kaasi Weaves was incorporated with a vision to educate our buyers as to what they are buying and thereby enrich their shopping experience. Monetary gain has never been the only perspective for our brand but to earn a reputation in the eyes of the viewers.     



Kaasi Weaves is the e-commerce footprint of our age-old wholesale firm Rastogi Benarasi silk house the very roots of which was established in the holy city of Varanasi, way back before independence in 1944 in a beautiful haveli named Sherwali Kothi. The inception of this haveli dates back to the early 18th century and it has nearly a century old temple of Lord Krishna inside its premises. The Gulaabi Meenakari or better known as pink Enameling is worth watching artwork achieved on the ceilings and pillars of sherwali kothi.

The premise is considered mostly a heritage property especially due to its close proximity to the holiest Kashi vishwananth Mandir. We welcome you all to experience this rich yet untold saga of the beautiful connection between sherwali kothi and the sarees that we sell here.



We wish to assure each of our prestigious client that we follow stringent quality norms. We make and sell Handwoven products using Pure and Natural Fibres only.



Kaasi Weaves unfolds to you the most intricate forms of Handwoven Sarees, Suit Materials and Dupattas; some modern and some tinged with the flavour of old times. These are made using one of the most complex techniques of Hand weaving that are known to mankind.